How Can Big Wipes Help?

So many everyday substances are classified as hazardous to health - PUR adhesives, expanding fillers, epoxy grouts, many paints and coatings to name just a few.

The great benefit of Big Wipes Industrial is that they remove a huge range of different products that are untouched by most liquid detergents available in washrooms; and, as they are totally portable, they can be used immediately when required wherever you are working faster, on-the-job, on-location removal of more aggressive grime & hazardous substances from the skin as well as tools and surfaces and with no irritation.

Control of Exposure

Where it is not reasonably practicable to prevent skin exposure to hazardous substances, Big Wipes Industrial can significantly control the exposure by regular and complete cleaning of skin "on the job". More effective than traditional cleaning methods, Big Wipes safely remove more gunk, more effectively, more often and without irritation.

Less Irritation from Grime

Even non-hazardous substances are not necessarily safe to be left on hands. Product labels usually state to be washed from skin immediately after use & to remove splashes straight away.

When used regularly throughout a working day our hand cleaning products keep skin clean from aggressive grime, adhesives, coatings and sealants

thereby reducing the chances of irritation from the substances being used.

Less Irritation from Cleaning

Often the cleaning methods themselves result in skin irritation, and with regular or prolonged use can cause dermatitis. This risk is totally minimized with Big Wipes which are designed to be kind to the skin and are dermatologically tested to ensure no irritation.