Safe Cleaning for Hands

Universal Directive Compliance

For wet cleaning wipes to be suitable (and legal) for hand cleaning they must have certification to prove that they comply with the latest and toughest Cosmetics Standards.

BIG WIPES™ fully comply with the latest European Cosmetics Standards, USA OSHA 29CFR 1910.1200, Canadian WHMIS and Australian Regulations, making them suitable for hand cleaning as well as tools and surfaces.

Sadly there are wet wipes on the market that describe themselves as hand wipes, yet do not comply with the latest amendments of the relevant standards, putting you and your staff at potential risk.

MSDS available upon request.

Dermatitis in the Workplace

Dermatitis is one of the fastest growing reasons for time off work and is accounting for an increasing number of claims by employees against employers.

It is vital that organizations identify where products are being used that may lead to irritation and put into place appropriate processes to ideally remove the risks or minimize wherever possible.

Dermatological Testing

Meeting the European Cosmetics Standards does not guarantee a product won't irritate skin. At Big Wipes we go much further. Big Wipes, where appropriate, are dermatologically tested - giving extra reassurance that they may be tough on cleaning but are kind to hands.

The dermatology tests are carried out independently by *SGS professional dermatologists on a cross-section of people to ensure that there are zero levels of irritation experienced across the entire volunteer group.

The few competitors who make dermatology claims often attempt to reply on inadequate replica tests on animals, or comparative testing against competitors' products that only demonstrates that their products are "less irritating" than others!

* SGS INSTITUT FRESENIUS is one of Europe's leading providers of non-medical laboratory analysis.